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The idea of Anna Soo started a few years ago in the most beautiful coffee shop in Seminyak,Bali. I was still in my second year in Design School, busy getting my Degree in Architectural Interior Design. Throughout my whole life I have found my creative inspiration through beautiful places & people. And It’s there in the busy coffee shop where I envision what I wanted to do with my design degree-making spaces beautiful in any way possible. Even if it is just with a DIY project or just an beautiful decor piece. It was just a talent that I wanted to share with everyone around me.


I am a firm believer that any space you live in must be your comfort/happy place and that is what I want to achieve through my work. 

At Anna Soo we pride ourself in sourcing all our materials locally as much and possible, providing work in our immediate community. Every piece in our collection to shop is hand made with care and given special attention to detail, embracing natural imperfections of the hand at work and staying true to the beauty of the materials used. 

We hope that we create to inspire you!

With love,

Karla & Anna Soo Team

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